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Instant MC trains public speakers and performers to work as well-paid emcee's and master of ceremonies at corporate special events and wedding receptions.

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We are the emcee resource center offering the master of ceremony weekend workshop, the wedding mc 'how-to' handbook and master of ceremonies private coaching and mentoring. Instant MC is searching for ambitious speakers and presenters who want to grow their awesome talent and skyrocket their income working as elegant and entertaining MCs. We even have our own MC agency.

Since 1997, we've carefully created the very-best eBooks, MP3 audio's and online video's that offer practical, step-by-step, time-tested tips and techniques (so many t's) that are both entertaining to learn from and easy-to-use. 

Discover here and now the worlds largest selection of MC products in all formats and become a first class master of ceremonies at corporate special events and wedding receptions working as a mc, compere, host, toastmaster, emcee, and presenter.